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Being a student means different things for different people. The classroom is no longer considered king. We are living in a digital world with digital classrooms and teachers that no longer teach the way they used to. Is this a good thing or bad thing? I think it’s a good thing. It creates more options for a wider range of students. Not everyone learns the same way and because of that we need flexible education. Whereas 20 years ago homeschooling was a thing only a small minority did now it’s more popular than ever! This is mainly due to the internet and the vast amount of info it contains.

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The world of information is now a click away. Online classrooms are revolutionizing how we learn and the focus of what we learn. Society is realizing that the way we have been doing education up until now is not working with kids who are being born into this digital age. I think this is great! You can take classes on almost anything and have a live teacher instructing you. This is insane. You can also take pre-recorded classes on topics that interest you. If you want to focus on English and grammar go for it! If you want to focus more on crafts and arts there are hundreds of course to choose from.

The bottom line is that the only thing keeping you from obtaining knowledge is lack of Wifi and your own motivation. Start doing research now and find what makes you tick and find the courses being taught about it. With this new age of knowledge everyone around the world has the possibility to reach the greatest heights imaginable. Go out and educate yourself, hell educate other people just be hungry for knowledge and your brain will thank you.


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